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#5 of ‘50 Reasons

I have very strong foundations that were gained through my undergraduate degree in Marketing. This taught me a great deal in regards to the industry, and provided me with the initial knowledge to build upon. As well as academia, my undergraduate degree taught me how to overcome obstacles, work in a variety of systems, and be as dynamic and ambitious as possible. Some of this time was difficult and new to me, however I learnt the need to take calculated risks, and navigate difficult situations.

As for the Marketing degree itself, it’s applicable to virtually any job or organization. It taught me how to think, and look at the world from a variety of viewpoints; it has helped me understand the fundamentals of business itself, both strategically and operationally. It enabled me to broaden my knowledge and understanding of how businesses work and operate.


Modern Life


#4 of ‘50 Reasons

One of the things that has always motivated me is a fast-paced environment. I thrive in fast-paced environments. When things move too slowly, I tend to become overly relaxed and calm. I love fast paced environments because they keep my mind racing and seem to foster creativity. I enjoy and thrive on the energyintensity and pressure of an environment that constantly expects and is changing/moving forward all the time. I also seem to enjoy the impact that can have on my overall energy and motivation levels.

As much as it is a cliché, I do work best under pressure; it is where some of my best work is achieved and engineered.

Campaign Cards

I searched. I looked. I found. I designed. I changed. I contemplated. I edited. I reworked. I compared. I branded. I did. I undid. I went away. I came back. I checked. I re-did. I stared. I decided. I entered. I paid. I ordered. I waited. And waited. They arrived.

I opened. I looked. I debated. I examined. I considered. I thought. I reflected. I had second thoughts. I was OK.

So, what do you think? Any good? Or should I have gone to Specsavers?

I’m an Ostrich

According to the Web Behavior Test, via The Virtual Revolution on the BBC, I’m a Web Ostrich. I’m not yet sure if I agree, or disagree with these findings, but at least it’s a cute little, furry being. So what does it really mean? Do I spend far too much time with my head buried in the sand? Or do I partake in extravagant mating dances to lure the females in? Well, I hope not. The official insights as to the characteristics of a Web Ostrich are as follows:

Fast-moving – We can tell from your results that you are speedy surfer – one of the characteristics of the Web Ostrich, whose real-world counterpart has an impressive top speed of 45mph.

Sociable – The web is a social place. You take full advantage of this when you search for information by using social networks and other sites whose content is created by its users. Real-world ostriches are also highly social, even keeping eggs in each other’s nests to share the burden.

Specialized – The real-world ostrich is a true specialist, highly adapted to survive in hot, dusty African grasslands. You might not be at risk from lions when browsing the web, but you are still very focused. From your test we can tell you do best when you concentrate on one task at time, rather than several things at once.

So, a Web Ostrich; fast moving, sociable and specialized. I think I can live with that, and I would agree most of what is covered, is pretty true.

What web animal are you?


#3 of ‘50 Reasons

My MSc in Strategic Marketing. I refer not to a MSc, but my MSc. You might assume I merely refer to the subjects, the teachings, the academia, or the certificate. I don’t. The value and lessons I learnt during my MSc were so much more than what was undertaken in the classroom or lecture theatre.

Academia has always played a relative role in educational experiences for me. Most of my lessons have always come outside of the classroom, and my MSc is one of the most fundamental aspects of this. I learnt more about value, communication, respect, interaction, teamwork, aspiration, ambition, trust, loyalty and initiative in that one year, than ever before. It taught me things I could never teach others myself, or have learnt otherwise.

It was one of the most enriching, and most valuable of experiences I’ve had the opportunity of undertaking.


#2 of ‘50 Reasons

My current role as an Events Manager for a bespoke events management company has enabled me to undertake a variety of key skills in moving the organization forward. I’ve had the opportunity of undertaking aspects of marketing and budgeting, right through to working with clients and executing an entire event. Of all these skills, the one I’ve most enjoyed and developed immensely is building b2b relationships.

I’ve had the opportunity to work and build lasting relationships with a variety of renowned organizations and individuals. This has had a great influence in my ability to engage with a vast range of individuals and create strong, reliable and trusted partnerships. I’ve learnt the value of b2b relationships, as well continuously learning ways in which to manage them effectively.