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Social Video

Over the last couple of years video has become an online monster. A monster that has become easy to access, view, share and produce. Gone are the days of technical restrictions, or limited accessibility to create and share your videos. It is now easier than ever for regular internet users to create and watch videos online.

Social media has inevitably played a key role in this development and has been the catalyst in truly making video ‘viral’ in its truest form.

So here’s a few social media video statistics to take note of:

– 69% of internet users now watch or download videos online

– The age demographic of 18-29 are the heaviest users of online video

– The main types of videos viewed are Comedy, Educational, TV/ Movies, Political, News, Music Videos, Sports, Adult.

– 14% of internet users have uploaded a video for others to watch. In 2007 this figure was only 8%

– 1/3 of the people who upload videos place restrictions on the video so only certain people can watch them (eg family, friends, colleagues).

– 50% place no restrictions at all.

– MySpace, Facebook and YouTube are the most popular sites for video uploading and viewing.


How The Internet Is Changing Advertising

I found a rather wonderful video that I thought would be good to share in order to better understand how the internet has changed advertising. Yes, the internet has changed advertising. Change is constant and change is good. The best way to alleviate our fear is to dip ourselves into the digital playground and see the possibilities instead of fighting against it. Go on, try it.

World Cup War

The World Cup 2010. I thought it was about time I said a few words about the greatest sporting event on Earth. So here’s a few thoughts up until now…

I’d like to liken the World Cup 2010 to World War 2; French surrender, Americans show up last minute, and now it’s down to England to give Germany a beat down. That is all.

“I can see the pub from here…”

That’s one way to get a better look at NASA’s shuttle launch.

An amazing view from a daring skydiver.


Rules For Car Maintenance

Las Vegas – The Machine

You might be forgiven for thinking that a concoction of opulent ecocentrism, gambling licenses, high-rise hotels that put Dubai to shame, multi-million pound clubs, and some of the best shows on earth; set in the middle of what can only be described as a dessert, with no direct access to water, at least 4 hours from the nearest city, and infested with ‘mafioso’ types, just might not be the best of ideas.

That is until you come to Las Vegas.

I’m finding it difficult to even begin to know where to start. Las Vegas is the ultimate. The ultimate product/brand/thing that has ever been created, conceptualized, envisaged, projected, marketed and sold. From a sand dune, to a standard in opulence and splendor. Sold as the vision, as the escape, as the ‘holy land’ in a somewhat ironic kind of way, and as the mirage amidst the simmering sand dunes in which it lays. A convergence of the world; the young, the old, the married, the single, the famous, the not so famous, the gamers, the tourists, the bachelors, the bachelorettes, the wealthy, the rich, and even the poor. Bringing with them hope, desire, excitement and $$$. All in the name of a ‘good time’.

And Las Vegas, being what it is and standing proud of what it represents, it caters to you. To your every need, every wish, every desire, every aspiration. It thrills you, it excites you, it makes you smile, it connects with you, it draws you in, and it gives you everything you want. Isn’t that the best kind of service? The best kind of brand? Connecting with you on every level, and being what you expected, yet so much more. Engineered in a way to manage your relationship so precisely, and very unique to you; creating the world you desire. It simply works. But it’s not just that. It’s a tool. While giving you everything you want, it works to connect with you, draw you in, entertain you further and engage with you. At the end of all this it is still a brand. There for you, as much as you are there for it.

It is the ultimate brand; and it is the ultimate marketing dream. It is awash with luxury, entertainment, excitement, celebrity, aspiration and fulfillment. But is that the ‘product’ itself, or is that what the ‘marketing’ has created? I’m not even close to answering that question. I’m not even sure if I want to decide. Las Vegas just works; on every level, in every way it’s set out to. It is everything you make it, and it will be what ever you want it to be. It has value that is more intangible than anything else is the world. Yet that value is of most aspiration and desire.

Las Vegas is indeed a machine; a machine in the same way that some of the best, and biggest brands in the world are; but my god it’s the best, most powerful, most aspiring, well oiled and driven machine out there. Las Vegas is in no way a matter of luck; it is a matter of strategy, society, organization, structure, economics and cunning.

But looking beyond all of that, all the oxygen they pump into your rooms to help you sober up faster and wake up, looking past the fact that they only have 1 entrance into the large hotels/casinos with very limited exit signs, ignoring the fact that your tip is very relevant in how you are treated and dealt with; Las Vegas really is the greatest show on earth!

It truly is immense. And yes, I may have been ‘bought in’ by all of the above – the marketing, the intangibles, the persona, but I just don’t care. Las Vegas is my ultimate brand.

And I LOVE it!