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The Social Universe

We all know social networks dominate internet traffic, making headlines and generally causing media ruckus. These Facebooks, Twitters and Foursquares might seem huge, but are they really?

This galactic-scaled infographic with globes representing the various social media platforms puts it into a little more context. (Did you know Skype users outnumber Facebook users by 90 million?)

More than that, ‘The GeoSocial Universe’ measures the level of engagement these social networks have with the mobile market, the ‘sun’ of the social media system with 4.6 billion devices.

So while Skype has more users than Facebook, not many use it on-the-go, compared to Foursquare, which is entirely dependent on mobile users.


A beautiful beautiful beautiful story…

Initially I wasn’t going to post this video here. This blog is largely about ‘work’ related issues, things, opinions and thoughts. Ideas and content that relate to advertising, marketing, PR, social, networking, media, brands and online doings. But this video is so much more than that. It is about love. About relationships. About connections and about a story. It is about something beyond everything else that we share online. It has so much more value than just being a ‘sharable’ video.

I must stop this soppiness; but this is beautiful.

Maybe someday you’ll have a story as beautiful as this one.

Facebook Places

The generic thought of all other location, tagging, check-in based applications…

Good VS Evil

I do love a good, colorful, thought provoking, informative and current infographic. It punches that little bit deeper than just the stats and numbers of a fact sheet.

So, in a week of infographic mania going mainstream, here’s another:

Best Ever Infographic

The YouTube Flowchart

(Via Karen Kavett)

But dad, I am a bit ashamed…