Hello. Hi. Hey. Howdy. How’s it going? Is it me, or do all greetings begin with the letter ‘h’?

I can only assume someone or something has helped you on your way to this space I like to call my own. So I guess it would only be right for me to tell you a little about my charming self. Well, my name is adlandcreative (which I’m sure you’ve already gathered). When I’m not consuming the online world, I do a hint of event management with a lovely organization in Leicester.

This blog/site did start off as a campaign to get me hired (adlandshouldhireme.com), and it worked! So it has now become my lovely blog, and a space for sharing random bits of adland fun.

I have a passion for creativity and I enjoy marketing. I have a keen interest in new media, and the development of technology. I like how social media works, but dislike how some assume it only refers to Facebook and Twitter. I love good adverts, but I love the word integration more. I sometimes sound like a cliché. But I can live with that.

Ideas cannot be learnt or taught, they simply appear. And I would argue I have that innate ability. I’m an optimist through and through. Every cloud does have a silver lining, and an opportunity will always come your way. But very rarely does an opportunity fall into your lap; it falls close to you, and you have to do all you can to get to it.

The only thing that makes me more happier than a sublime piece of marketing, is writing about it and sharing it with my fellows. When I’m not rambling away on here, you can find me writing bits of marketing splurge on my blog or Facebook, or sharing ridiculous and cool stuff on Twitter.

For a little bit of everything else, go here.

And now for the quick common legal disclaimer: Everything I say here comes from my own, and somewhat skewed thoughts, not from my very polite and courteous employer.

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