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Police dogs ripping riot gangs to shreds, police horses stampeding through groups of young chavs and police clobbering looters to death…

Carlsberg don’t run the police force, but if they did…


Best Ever Infographic

My TV Favourites of 2009

Looking back at the TV adverts of the past year, it’s difficult not to be amazed, and in awe by the creativity on show. Quirky conceptual ideas have played a key role in the industry this last year, even more so than before. Innovation has pushed the industry forward and given TV advertising yet another pedestal to shine from. With the development and growing power of the Internet, and its uses in marketing, advertisers have exploited its ability in driving campaigns to become viral, and spread like wild fire.

Special effects by clever people, hours spent on exhaustive preparations, intriguing characters, and even meerkats have been relied upon. However, some of the best pieces were just great, simple ideas, executed with precision, to perfection.

So here is just a few of my favourite adverts of 2009, enjoy.

Originally for the big screen and now on the box, this piece is defiantly worthy for the wider public.  A joyous bit of ‘ad art’ from BMW. Whether their cars give this much pleasure and ‘smiles’ is up for debate, but their ad piece most definitely does. Copious amounts of Joy.

The Cadbury Eyebrows advert has to be one of my favourites of the year. It still seems to cause mass panic, humor, and admiration wherever it arises. Child, teenager, and adult alike try to make their eyes do those ‘movements‘, to very little avail, yet it’s still darn right funny and pleasing on the eye. It’s one of those rare adverts where you stop to watch it together. A piece which gives you exactly what it’s set out to do, a ‘glass and a half full of joy’. Very much like the product in question.

Aleksandr Orlov, now selling in Harrods, has in excess of 600,000 Facebook fans and 31,000 Twitter followers, while the site increased its market share of UK insurance comparison site visits by 76% between January and August. A campaign which is so much more than just an advert. Need I say more?

I’m not sure if I can include an international piece in this ‘assortment‘ of great TV adverts, but as it’s my page, I think I will. There are adverts that are funny, intriguing, connecting, engaging, powerful or dynamic. They simply work in what they are trying to put across, whether that be through humour, visuals, emotion or engagement. But sometimes, there comes an advert which combines all of these facets, all of these qualities, all of these dimensions, and it just simply works, so perfectly.

Maybe I’m being bias, or maybe I can relate to the advert more than others, or maybe I’m being perplexed by what’s there, or maybe it just is a sublime piece of ‘marketing art‘. The Vodafone advert from Argentina, in my view is truly and utterly epic; perfect in every way I can possibly imagine. It makes me smile, and it makes my day, a true gem.

The T-Mobile campaign stands out more so than any other due to its ability to be fresh and dynamic, and capture the imagination of not only their target market but a much larger audience, while maintaining the core elements of a successful campaign. The ‘Liverpool Street Station dance’ showed how advertising can still push the boundaries in being creatively dynamic and generating interest on a huge scale due to its refreshing and unique approach.

However, for me the most important factor of this campaign is how it infused that creativity and dynamism into a successful and connecting marketing idea for T-Mobile. The campaign held the core values of sharing, enjoyment, people and emotion, together with this fresh, dynamic, inspiring idea to produce a campaign which connected to T-Mobile very successfully. Credit should also be giving to the creative edge of the campaign. Over night it became more than an ‘advert’, it transformed into an internet phenomena, and the talk on everyone’s lips.

I believe this was a very successful campaign due to its ability in every way to be fresh, connecting and interactive, while constantly relating to the brand in question. Looking back at it, each element of the campaign worked immensely well with everything involved, from the wide spread interest generated, to the fusion of values and ideas, to the idea of sharing, down to the simplicity of the overall idea itself.

A campaign very precisely put together, and perfectly executed.

And finally, I don’t think I need a reason to add this last piece, it’s just yummy and works perfectly for this time of year.