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Pull your act together, God…

“Seriously God, I love you and bow my head in reverence to you, and I totally respect your omnipotence and all-pervading nature, but I’m pretty sure I speak for the majority of the UK public when I ask – What kind of summer is this?!”


World Cup War

The World Cup 2010. I thought it was about time I said a few words about the greatest sporting event on Earth. So here’s a few thoughts up until now…

I’d like to liken the World Cup 2010 to World War 2; French surrender, Americans show up last minute, and now it’s down to England to give Germany a beat down. That is all.

A Beautiful Future

There are football adverts, and then there are Nike football adverts. Whether it’s the one in the airport, or the one in the cage, whether it’s that one where Ronaldinho hits the cross bar, or the ‘Next Level‘ one where you are ‘him’; NIke adverts are different. Good different. They work. They work in ways that other adverts don’t even aspire to.

They are more than just adverts. They are felt, and they are embraced. They are shared, and they are loved.

With the World Cup just around the corner, it was once again time for another NIke masterpiece. And a masterpiece is exactly what we got. Past pieces have been great, but could this be the best ever?

A beautiful piece, for the beautiful game.