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10 reasons why Adland should hire me

1. Creative – I live, breathe and sleep creativity. I have the ability to be creative on demand, as and when required.

2. Passion – I have immense passion and enthusiasm in all I do. Advertising is something I believe in, it is something I see as more than just a job.

3. Perfectionist – I make sure anything and everything I do is done correctly, precisely, and to the very best of my ability.

4. I love Advertising – I don’t think this one needs explaining.

5. Knowledge – I have strong foundations and knowledge of Advertising. I understand how it works, and what it is set out to do.

6. Technology – I have a keen interest in new technologies, and the role they play in Advertising.

7. Social Media – I’m a keen user and consumer of Social Media. I see its potential, and how it integrates itself into the digital world.

8. Friendly and Personable – I’m likable and honest. I enjoy working with others, but also have the ability to work on my own. I am keen on sharing experiences and learning from others.

9. Organized – Whether I have 1 task to undertake or 53, I am organized, prepared, and able to prioritize my time efficiently. I can work under pressure, and always sufficiently meet any deadline.

10. Ability – I have the ability and character to infuse my passion, creativity and know-how in a very productive and driven manner in order to utilize my skills and proficiency effectively for you and your organization.