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Social Media 2009: Obama

As we all now know, Obama’s political campaign used the social web in ways never before attempted.  For me, the Obama election campaign was arguably one of the greatest social media campaigns orchestrated. Done precisely and effectively.

One key insight was around the relationships that the organisation was able to build with voters across the social web.  These relationships were built on multiple social media channels, rather than a single social platform. This facet alone showed the power of integration, even more prominent today than it has ever been. It was able to utilise a variety of mediums and channels of interaction, and use them in a conjoined manner.

As it progressed, you could connect with the campaign by becoming a fan of Obama on Facebook. You could also connect with fellow supporters on, Twitter and through other channels.  This integrated approach allowed the campaign to track voters and volunteers across the web, and engage with them through the voters channels of choice.  This also supported the gathering of data on individual voters that allowed the campaign to meaningfully target people for special events, and financial support.

The other major insight was the degree to which the Obama organisation not only allowed but enabled and encouraged passionate Obama supporters to take the campaign into their own hands. Using such existing innovations and platforms, they were able to drive the overall effort and support; achieving a powerful movement. A movement followed, pushed forward, and driven by a force that had been enabled and given the power to act. This was done at local level, right across through to National, and even International level. Through the various social media channels, supporters connected with each other on particular topics, debated the issues, organised locally on their own, and distributed messages on behalf of the campaign.

The movement was generated, and also enabled. It allowed for the campaign to spread with ease, and give the ‘follower’ exactly what they wanted. A clear example of a combined, and integrated campaign. Engineered perfectly for the world we live in today, and executed with precision.