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Daily truth #273: Apologizing



To Be A Man – Part 2

To Be A Man

He is a friend to a stranger and will open his soul,

He may seem hampered andĀ confusedĀ but is always in control,

He is taller in spirit and stronger in heart,

He will stand by you and never break apart,

He has shoulders that bare weight but never do they give way,

He is as cold as the arctic wind yet as warm as a summers day,

He will cook for his lover, his partner, his mother,

He will laugh with his friends like they were his brothers,

He can make a great wall reaching up into the sky,

His tears rarely seen but always felt at goodbyes,

He can look you up and down and figure some things out,

He will grasp his mistakes and learn from his doubts,

He is consumed by fine sight but driven with his heart,

And when you sit close comfortable and relaxed,

He will give you a cheeky grin followed by a loud fart.

To be a man.