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Geek Chic With Indie Undertone

My style. Having  considered the tangerine queen, neon-tastic, Ms midi skirt, seriously seventies and even totally tribal with matching tattoos, I decided they weren’t for me. Although I’m still considering the tattoos. In the words of the ever so ostentatious, Missy Elliot: “My style can’t be duplicated or recycled, this chick is a sick individual.” Sick I tell thee. Although technically I’m not a chick, but let’s look beyond the technicalities for now.

So, my style you ask. Well, everything has a hybrid. Cars, viruses, even insects, and so does style, says me. I’m not so much of a follower, or even at the forefront of fashion, I’m merely aware. Aware of what I want, what I like, what is fashion and what it isn’t. Clothing to me isn’t necessarily about what’s ‘in’, and what’s ‘out’, or the words stitched on my label; clothing to me is about how it works with me, on me, how it makes me feel and how it says what I am thinking.

And as for my rocking of styles, I believe they will vary immensely, but carry the same kind of image and persona. The sharpness of geek chic with formal accessories, straight lines, with contrasting attire and colors. Combined with that an indie undertone, giving it an unstructured balance, an edgy finish and a ruffled look.

Has it been done before? Maybe. Will it be done again? Maybe. Will it work? Maybe. Will it be fashion? In the most respectful of manners, I just don’t care.

Written in relation to: “The Ultimate London Fashion Week Blogging Experience with and Vodafone VIP.” via: WIWT

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